Should we entitled it as "Raper"??

Ahlan wasahlan...

1st of all would like to recap what on earth is going on in this world...

REBEL?? not new..RAPE?? not new.. POLITICAL REBEL?? not as ever new..so what's new?? i won't get the latest topic, but i think it is better for me to shout-out-loud what i thought might be difficult to understand..

How about the drugs??? no ordinary drugs i mean...the 1 that a man puts on one's drink..and the one's is a woman.. that is totally unfair isn't it?? n the drug was the one for pigs to MATE!! (sah2 lah sangat if perempuan 2 sangap,kalau b-a-b-i pun dah sangap!!).. couldn't bare to think about it much, when i read the n/paper...

People could think about that, how it could happen?? where is the one should take care of the drugs??? is there any law to prevent those things to happen?? maybe they took the bribe just to take the drugs??

This is totally and strictly unfair.. women are nowadays been tortured by many cruelty, just came from the men, that should be the protector of the weak and hopeless women..

No time to talk about it much deeper, some sort of sensitive topic i think.. but honestly,it's unfair to us women...not forced to do, but was bribed to seen was forced to be it.. (am i right in my word??)..i mean that women won't do it,but was forced by the drugs and was totally under control of the drugs, so it might've been like the woman wants it..

p/s: think about it once..MEN..shouldn't be like this...you have the 99 intelligents and use it for the right things..

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