kuNci, kEy, N مفتاح...

Alhamdulillah...syukur sgt2 dlm uma skg...

It's all about keys nowadays. Why3??.. How could i forgot?? i planned to take a ride and go to McD and buy something.. Maybe i am thinking too much nowadays, that i forgot something important.. is everyone should have something to be forgotten??
Imagine this: got dressed up, took the motorcycle key, ask my youngest brother to throw the rubbish at the backyard, took a helmet and wallet (lucky me to remember to bring the money), then lock the door from the inside and got out..' then i realized something, is anyone inside?? youngest brother at the back yard throwing the rubbish, then we are locked up?? outside?? gosh.. then i decide not to make ummi to be very worried, so i told my brother to stay outside the house "Zul, stay here, and wait for me to come. i forgot to bring the key..and don't go anywhere" (as my brother is a dyslexia child, i tell him completely..)

And i got to McD a.s.a.p, as my friend worried and she said wait for her, she'll come over and break the door.. ugh..I
got very confused, why should i tell my friend?? that now she wants to come and break the door?? then i just said never mind, "i'll solve it myself.." haha..as i thought to call ummi, then i do so..ummi was like "huh??what are you doing??where are u going actually and what for??" i thought so ummi will act like that...then ummi told me that the key is somewhere outside, just ask for it,then it will show itself..haha...i thought i have to go to ummi's school to get the key..hoooo...

Got home a.s.a.p (again), i saw my brother..he's playing with the cat!! i told him not to go anywhere before rig
ht?? then he said "nanje, you locked me outside!!" ughhh... didn't I tell him that i forgot to bring the key?? aiya brother.... i asked him to follow me inside, and then 'again' i got upstairs a.s.a.p.. luckily the key was there.. (p/s: i asked for the key and it came..haha..mcm nk gelak bnyk2 lak..) so that is the story..huh...wierd+freak experience...

Actually, why is all this happening?? (because im a lousy person maybe?? or very forgetful person??it may be right..or i was the one that think too much??) And only keys can make the issue?? wierd..again...

forgetful person:

p/s: don't be like me, mcm org tua..oldies...


blaja memandu ke bawak motor lg prefer??

Sblm ni pernah terfikir, knpe susah sgt memandu?? blaja memandu memang susah..tp knpe pulak aku boleh bawak moto tak payah blaja pun..(honestly ummi pernah gak ajar,tp mse sgt terhad,and aku bnyk explore sndiri je)..

Ingat lagi mse aku tingkatan 4 kt n9 dulu..xde transport punye nk g skolah..so ummi decide suruh aku bawak motor sndri g skolah..huhu...T-T..dah la aku xde lesen mse 2,dgn xreti pe2 pasal motor lg??huh...tp dah terpakse kn??sume pun menjadi..skolah 15km dr rumah..xpe2...tabah lah...

Mcm2 pernah berlaku semenjak aku boleh bawak motor..i.e motor pancit tgh jln.. "aduh...cmne ni??" alhamdulillah la dah dkt dgn perumahan.. mintak tolong tuan rumah hntr g skolah jap then trus cari ustaz.. huh.. ustaz ktorang baik mse tu.. nme dia ustaz zahari ngaja sains.. dia pun tolong panggil pomen motor and ambil motor ktorang.. ktorang g skolah dgn ustaz zahari... thnx sgt2 kt ustaz baik tu n mak cik rumah y ktorang mintak tolong tu...

The latest, aku blaja memandu..nk ambil lesen la ni..(umur da 20 bru nk mik lesen??)..mcm malang lak..sbb ckgu ajar aku susah sgt nk dpt.. adui ai...apesal motor aku boleh blaja sndri je?? pelik lah!!

Tp ada pulak org kate susah blaja bawak motor!! ape lah diorang ni??lg aku pelik...knpe ek?? biasenye pompuan la y ckp blaja memandu lg senang drpd blaja bawak motor..sgt2 lah pelik mereke y ckp mcm ni..

Rmai pompuan yg bawak kereta skrg..lg2 kt KL ni.. sbb keperluan..tp sgt lah jrng y bawak motor..agaknye diorang sume pun ckp bawak motor lg susah banding dgn kereta... (padahal diorang kbanyakannye bawak kereta auto je..haha..) tp kn motor pun ada auto jugak??isy....lg la aku pelik...

Tp try la buat perbandingan...motor ke kereta??haha..


Do you remember?? fight3..

I remembered when i was a kid (i wish i could be a kid once more..haha..),i always got mad with my younger sister,we always fight for no reason..
At one time we've been ordered by ummi to go to our neighbour's house for reciting al-Quran,and been told to hold the keys,but my sister fell on a grass,then we searched for it..but my sister had an idea n told me to search for the keys like crawling,and jumping,and some sort of funny things..(why do i hv 2 obey??dint really remember...)
What made i think it was funny coz we dint go to our neighbour's house as ummi ordered..
I love remembering the past as my age is 20,and i think im not that young to play around anymore..
maybe telling stories will be much more funny if i write in malay...but im in some sort of practising here..so bring it on!!



new here,so don't know what i will talk about..but promise to come out with much and much more news or ideas,this only a beginning..

and maybe will talk about the coming semester??got lot work to do..before i was working at one kindergarten not far from KL,on the second month my salary been added..

coming up next..
experience of my job..