Do you remember?? fight3..

I remembered when i was a kid (i wish i could be a kid once more..haha..),i always got mad with my younger sister,we always fight for no reason..
At one time we've been ordered by ummi to go to our neighbour's house for reciting al-Quran,and been told to hold the keys,but my sister fell on a grass,then we searched for it..but my sister had an idea n told me to search for the keys like crawling,and jumping,and some sort of funny things..(why do i hv 2 obey??dint really remember...)
What made i think it was funny coz we dint go to our neighbour's house as ummi ordered..
I love remembering the past as my age is 20,and i think im not that young to play around anymore..
maybe telling stories will be much more funny if i write in malay...but im in some sort of practising here..so bring it on!!

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